Speech, Language & Learning Services of Marin-Sonoma programs include: Fast Forward® (Scientific Learning Programs), Earobics®, Phono-Graphix®, The Listening Program®, and other Multi Modality Reading Programs, SpeechEasy™, On Cloud Nine® Math and Social Thinking Skills. We provide evaluation and therapy for conditions including: stuttering, childhood apraxia, and pediatric dysphagia.


"My child had her first speech evaluation at Speech and Language Services at the age of two; she continued speech therapy into high school. Speech therapy has been a big part of our lives, and I cannot begin to tell what a difference it has made to her – and to me. I have met many other children with language difficulties who have not had intervention, and often, their confidence has been undermined by their struggles with trying to understand and be understood, which can lead to anxiety and other troubling behavior. My daughter has known this struggle, but she knows she CAN communicate because she has learned how through speech therapy.

Over the years my child worked directly with one SLP and also in group settings with others, so we had the opportunity to work with most of the staff. To a person, we found them to be caring and professional, always taking the time to know the child and connect with the parent. They truly understand that it is a partnership between family, client, and therapist. Even the office staff was welcoming and helpful; I spent enough years sitting in the waiting room to get to know many of them quite well. I can honestly say that my child looked forward to going to speech therapy; she always enjoyed it and was eager to go.

My child has issues with semantic and pragmatic language, as well as an auditory processing disorder. Elaine Stevick has been incredible in identifying her weaknesses and coming up with suitable means for addressing them. I recall Elaine explaining once that while her background is in science, she brings a lot of art to the process of diagnosis, looking at the colors and shades and tints to really see the picture of each child's ability to comprehend language. She has been able to reach my child, to guide her in a way that no one else could. She has also helped me understand my child so that I could advocate effectively for her. She has been an invaluable resource for me in my efforts to be a good parent to my learning disabled child."

--Laurie F.--


"I have known Elaine Stevick since her evaluation of my daughter when she was 2 years old. Through the years, I have consulted, cried, and celebrated with Elaine about all the different challenges my daughters' life has presented.  Elaine is a team player, and meets her clients as individuals, taking advantage of their learning styles and finding creative ways to expand on it. I feel extremely fortunate to have had her work with my daughter through the years, and tohave her wisdom and kindness on this more challenging journey.

In addition to the above, all staff are warm and caring, always greeting my daughter when they see her, always interested in how she is doing, and in how things are going for myself as well.  More than a business, it is a place of community for learning and growing."

--Gaila N.-- 

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