Speech, Language & Learning Services of Marin-Sonoma's professional staff members are all licensed by State of California and certified by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (www.asha.org).
The professional experience of our staff ensures complete and expert diagnosis along with appropriate treatment of clients ranging from infants to seniors.

Petaluma Therapists



Lori WalkerLori Walker

M.A., C.C.C.- S.L.P
Lori Walker received her Baccalaureate and Master of Arts degree from California State University, Fresno. Lori holds a credential as a speech and language specialist, and is licensed by the state of California. She is also certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association as a speech language pathologist. Her expertise includes diagnosis and treatment of children and adults with a variety of disorders including but not limited to, developmental disorders, auditory/language processing problems, early intervention, dysphasia, and neurological disorders. She has experience in clinic, schools, home health, and acute hospitals.


Nancy SchwartzNancy Swartz

M.A., C.C.C., SLP
Nancy Schwartz received her Masters degree from the University of Denver.  She is certified by the American Speech-Language- Hearing Association and licensed by the State of California.  Her expertise includes working with both children and adults with neurologically based problems, craniofacial disorders, developmental disorders, developmental speech and language delays, central auditory processing problems, voice disorders, adult cochlear implant rehabilitation and reading disabilities.  She is certified by Read America, Inc. to provide instruction in PhonoGraphix®, a reading program developed in England.


Kasena KafkaKasena Kafka

M.A., C.C.C.-SLP
Kasena Kafka graduated from Kent State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in English.  She continued her education at the University of Akron, graduating in 2012 with a Master’s of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology.  Kasena is licensed by the state of California and is certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA).  Additionally, she holds a credential with the Commission of Teacher Credentialing Speech-Language Pathology Services.  Kasena has a broad range of knowledge including but not limited to preschool and elementary populations with extensive work in Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  She has clinical experience with middle, high school, and adult populations.


Melissa BanabanMelissa Banaba

M.A. C.C.C.

Melissa Banaban attended Long Beach City College where she earned her Associates of Arts degree in Communication.  She graduated from California State University of Fullerton in 2012 with a Bachelors of Arts in Communicative disorders.  In 2013, Melissa graduated from California State University of Northridge with a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant certification.  She is currently attending Western Governors University obtaining her Masters of Business Administration.  Melissa is licensed by the state of California. She has a broad range of knowledge and experience working with individuals in the preschool and elementary populations to the high school and early adult level. Her experience has also provided her with knowledge in behavioral services, providing speech and language therapy to children with developmental, cognitive, social, and language delays, in addition to collaborating with families and multi-disciplinary teams. On her spare time, Melissa loves to sing, dance, and play with her two puppies, Dude and Avani.


Vicky SotoVicky Soto

Vicky Soto received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Pacific Union College accompanied by a minor in Spanish and an Associate of Science Degree in Communication from San Joaquin Delta College.  She received her Communicative Disorders Post-Baccalaurette degree from Utah State University. She also has received her Speech Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) license. Vicky is a native Spanish speaker and grew up in the Central Coast in a Spanish speaking household. Having spoken Spanish her entire life as well as studying it in college, Vicky's professional focus is to work closely with the Hispanic community where her interest is working with English Language Learners. Aside from working with children, Vicky also serves/works as an interpreter for several local physicians offices and government agencies in Sonoma County.

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